Horse Riders

Did you know that the trails at Whitelee are suitable for horse riding and we have a large car parking space ideal for horse boxes?

If you're thinking of bringing your horse to the site, please take a minute to read our health and safety information and weather precautions.

We have hosted a windfarm familiarisation session with the British Horse Society - you can view a video of this event below:

Accessibility options:

If accessing the windfarm by horse, we ask that you follow some simple guidelines:

  • Always take care of your own safety and that of your horse and other visitors. Remember, some visitors to site may simply be afraid of horses so be cautious and considerate.
  • Cyclists and dog walkers use Whitelee’s trails regularly and may approach suddenly without warning. Please make sure you are aware of your surroundings at all times and that you give way to others where necessary.
  • Please do not enter areas or fields where there might be animals that may be a danger to you or in danger from you, be aware of other livestock on site and ensure you ride slowly when passing.
  • Please don’t ride on ground that is wet or poorly drained as this may cause damage.
  • Finally, at all times, we ask that you ride within your ability.