Audio Transcript: British Horse Society Windfarm Familiarisation day at Whitelee

Today is a pilot project for the British Horse Society.

What we are trying to do is show horse riders how to safely familiarise their horses with windfarms, because windfarms do pose some anxieties to people and sometimes people think oh there’s a windfarm there I can’t ride there but in actual fact when you have a wonderful hundred mile road network like Whitelee its such an opportunity of safe OffRoad riding for horse riders.  

This piece of countryside that we`ve got here today is actually very, very boggy you know, you just need to walk off a few yards off the floating road that they`ve made here at whitelees and you sink.

So for years horse riders were not able to ride across this road, whereas now today we`ve got his wonderful network with these great roads and great surfaces and it just provides a super opportunity. 

I think this is a fantastic facility there’s about 95 kilometres of off road riding here and before that it was just a big bog so it’s really a fantastic thing that’s now open to everybody and they are particularly happy for horses to come here so that’s fantastic. 

I think if the horse is not immediately comfortable it’s just like anything just introduce them slowly and gradually and it shouldn’t be a problem and take it easy, i would1`nt come if its blowing a hooly id come on a calm day, like today when they are moving a little bit maybe not moving at all some days as well and I just go and in a company a horse that’s not bothered it’s really not a problem when you`ve got all that riding open to you.

we respond to wind consultations the whole time and we always urge developers to see windfarms as opportunities for off road horse riding, well off-road multi use access but horses have quite a high spec they need good surfaces, they need good open access controls, that is styles and gates they can get through and windfarms always provide a great opportunity so what we try and do is get developments to work with us to maximise that opportunity and make access for everyone.