Birthday Parties

Celebrate your birthday here at Whitelee!

We have 4 themed birthday parties to choose from:

  • Pirate Party – Ooohh aarrrr! Get dressed up like pirates and challenge your friends to a race in ‘Thar She Blows’ after building your own land yacht.
  • Fairy and Elf Party – Sprinkle some magic into your party and make your own birdfeeder disguised as a perfect little fairy or elf house.
  • Space Party – Take off into the sky by making and launching your own stomp rocket. Who will reach the moon first?
  • Green Party – What environmental superhero will you be? Dress in green or make one up before you get messy making seed bombs or mucky monsters.

All parties include workshop, guided tour and lunch. Feel free to ask your guests to dress up, but remember suitable outdoor clothing is required for the guided tour.

  • Minimum number of children: 10
  • Maximum number of children: Under 7’s – 15 Over 7’s – 24 (Parties with more than 15 kids will be split into 2 groups.
  • Duration of party: 2 hours (15+ kids 2.5 hours)
  • Times: 10:00-12:00 or 13:3-15:30
  • Age restrictions: Ages 4+ (Under 7s require 3 adults. Over 7s require 4 adults)
  • Price: £8.95 per child
  • Bookings can be made for Saturdays, Sundays and selected holiday days. Subject to availability.
  • Accompanying adults aren’t forgotten about either, tea and coffee discount for adults is 25%.

Then there's Whitelee Visitor Centre exhibition area to explore too!

A full pack of themed invitations, menu choices and thank you letters you can download from the list below.

For more information contact us on 0141 614 0851 to enquire or email us. Details and prices may change, please check with us for confirmation.


We have also made the above resources available in an accessible format. The pdfs below can be completed electronically for sending or printing.