Outdoor Pursuits

Whitelee has over 130 kilometers of tracks to explore. The windfarm offers a unique and varied setting for many recreational activities and outdoor pursuits including walking, running, cycling and horse riding.

View a map of Whitelee Windfarm.The map document has 3 pages and shows the area surrounding Whitelee Windfarm. The first page is a depiction of the wider countryside to the south-east of Whitelee. Shown here are the contours, public and service roads and other minor routes around the area. The second page shows the layout of the windfarm with a more zoomed-in look at the area. The placement of each turbine is visible as well as the location of Dunwam Dam and Lochoin Reservoir. The third page of the map focuses on the trails around the windfarm used by cyclists. Shown on this map are the inner and outer tracks together with descriptions of the terrain such as 'Rock Roll', 'Berms, 'Jerms' and 'Rollers'.

Important Information

It is important to be aware that Whitelee Windfarm is an operational Windfarm environment and can be exposed to inclement weather.