Weather Precautions

Whitelee Windfarm is elevated and exposed meaning the weather can change quickly and without warning. The site also spans a large area, meaning weather conditions can vary greatly from one side to the other. Please take some time to plan your visit in advance to make sure you are properly prepared and ask about weather conditions in the Visitor Centre before venturing out.

Snow & Ice

As an elevated site, Whitelee is prone to experience snow and ice regularly during cold conditions. Please note that windfarm trails and the Visitor Centre car park are not treated and caution should be used at all times under these conditions.

Snow drifts are common at Whitelee and we ask visitors to avoid entering the windfarm in periods of heavy snowfall. Snow poles are installed at the edge of trails and can be used as a guide to the path locations if the tails are not visible due to snow cover.

Under certain conditions snow and ice gathered on blades can detach as they rotate. If visitors are on site when these conditions occur, we ask that as much distance as possible is maintained from the wind turbines.


If lightning is forecast, we do not recommend you enter the windfarm site. If you are on the windfarm when lightning conditions develop please keep a safe distance from the wind turbines and leave the site as quickly as possible. Never shelter close to a turbine under such conditions.


In summer and throughout the rest of the year too, Whitelee experiences some beautiful sunny days. Due to the elevated position and constant breeze, the heat of the sun is not often felt by visitors. In these conditions, we ask that all visitors to site apply appropriate sun protection regularly, keep themselves hydrated and keep covered up.

Wind & Rain

As a windfarm site, Whitelee is very windy! Our exposed location means that light breezes can quickly turn to strong gusts bringing heavy down pours. Shelters are only located at the mountain bike trails and if you are venturing further that this, we ask all visitors to ensure they have suitable warm, waterproof clothing and sensible, sturdy walking shoes.

Windfarm in the dark

Whitelee Windfarm and its trails are not lit and we ask all visitors to be cautious if accessing the site during hours of darkness. During winter, the site can be dark as early as 3pm. As a precaution, make sure you always carry a map and a torch will full batteries and make sure someone knows when you will be onsite, the route you are planning to take and when you are likely to return.