Scottish Power Renewables Whitelee Windfarm visitor centre

Situated on Eaglesham Moor, Whitelee has over 130kms of tracks to explore so there’s no excuse not to get out and about! The windfarm offers a unique and varied setting for many recreational activities and outdoor pursuits including walking, cycling and horse riding.

Across the wider area, forest roads and trails provide increased access and future developments will see these trails upgraded and improved.

Interested in nature?
Then why not see how many species you can spot whilst out and about at Whitelee? If you’re not familiar with the local habitat why not drop into the Visitor Centre for some information before heading out to explore the windfarm.

Love cycling?
Then bring your bike to Whitelee! The trails are great for both a leisurely cycle and more adventurous rides. Afterwards you can lock your bike in our cycle store, have a refreshing shower and enjoy the café and exhibitions at the Visitor Centre. Entry is free and inside you’ll find hands-on interactive exhibitions teaching you all about the windfarm and renewable energy.

The mountain bike trails in the windfarm are now open! There's one to suit all ages and levels of abilities so drop in to the visitor centre, collect a map and explore!

Car parking and important access information
Car parking facilities are located at the Visitor Centre and we recommend that you access the windfarm from this point. Future development of the windfarm and wider area will also include additional car parking and signage. It should be noted that the unauthorised use of motorised vehicles, including quad bikes and motorbikes, is not permitted on windfarm or forest roads and recreational paths.

Future development aims to increase the formal parking throughout Whitelee and the wider forest area, however, informal roadside parking is available on a number of public roads surrounding Whitelee. Many are single track roads and drivers are asked to avoid parking in passing places or prevent access to farms, other properties or field entrances. Visitors are advised that many roadside verges are soft and to exercise caution accordingly.

A number of forest entrances are required for management access and for the extraction of timber, in particular Ardochrig. These entrances should be left clear at all times. Drivers should also be aware that many of the public roads that surround Whitelee are popular for activities such as walking, cycling and horse riding. Please drive with care and adjust your speed accordingly.

Throughout the wider forest there are several other routes onto the windfarm. Many of these routes will be upgraded in the future, and a number of new routes into the windfarm developed. Currently access is possible via Ardochrig in the east, Carrot in the north, Hareshawmuir road in the west and Overmuir in the south. Please be aware that car parking facilities are limited at these locations.

Directions to Whitelee