Scottish Power Renewables Whitelee Windfarm visitor centre

Loch route (8 miles)

This route is more suited to those with a good fitness level, looking to stretch their legs, walk the dog or take in a cycle. Due to the distance, we would not recommend this for families with young children or those with restricted fitness.

You should only take your dog on the 8 mile route if they are used to walking this distance. Please ensure you take water for them to drink. Please also be aware that the rough stone surface is very abrasive to dogs paws and can damage them.

Make sure you read our windfarm health and safety guidance and weather precautions before exploring.

Why take this route?

This route lets you explore Whitelee Windfarm's largest reservoir, Lochgoin, and enjoy fantastic views across the water and out to the coast, including Ben Lomond, Ailsa Craig and Arran (on a clear day!).

Route details

  • Distance: 12.5 kilometres / 8 miles
  • Time: Allow approximately 2.5 hours to complete the circuit
  • Direction:  Clockwise from the Visitor Centre, following the green fingerposts
  • Suitable for: Walkers, cyclists and horse riders
  • Access point: Access from Whitelee Visitor Centre


Please collect a map from the Visitor Centre before beginning your walk. Maps are also available at the access gate for out of hours walking and can be downloaded from here. Begin at the Visitor Centre and walk down to Turbine 40, head left towards Turbine 53 then turn right and walk round Brown Hill towards Turbine 41. Turn left and head for Turbine 54 before turning right and walking towards Turbine 42. When you reach the junction at Turbine 42 turn left and being the clockwise circuit passing Turbine 55, Turbine 43, Turbine 56, Turbine 71, Turbine 87, Turbine 88, Turbine 73, Turbine 57, Turbine 44, Turbine 27, Turbine 12, Turbine 13 and Turbine 6. Continue past the Lochgoin Monument on the left and turn right, heading towards Turbine 11, and then pass Turbine 26 before reaching Turbine 42. At the junction at Turbine 42 turn left, then left again at the end of the path, passing Turbine 41, following the route round Brown Hill. At the end of the path turn left and walk toward Turbine 40. The route is now complete.